by Lamniformes

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This album was created during a period of artistic, romantic, and sexual frustration. I felt equally out of place at college and at home. I felt annoyed with myself for my past failures, and for the ever-mounting collection of stupid and insensitive actions that I took towards my friends and family. I was watching a lot of anime; I was listening to a lot of grindcore. As the album was written I stopped being straight edge and started drinking. I fell in love and then quickly fell out of it. I had a lot of nightmares and I got sick every now and then. I developed an interest in sharks and post modernism, but don’t fully understand either. And most importantly I wrote some really intense music with my friends Jack, Eli, and Max. I wouldn’t say this album is about any or all of that, but these are definitely good jumping off points for a first listen. I realize that my enunciation can be somewhat unclear (sometimes intentionally, I must admit) so please feel free to read along. Or if you want, just rock out and leave the lyrical analysis for the literary types.

This album features contributions from a variety of musicians outside of Lamniformes proper. Many of them are members of The Epoch Collective. Needless to say, this album could not have been made without their help, and we are in their debt for assisting us in achieving our vision. For specific details on who did what, please refer to the credits of the individual tracks. It should also be noted that the members who do not appear on this album still receive our eternal gratitude for inspiring, encouraging, and supporting us.

We would also like to thank the following: our families and friends for letting us hide away in a basement and make loud noises for hours on end, our girlfriends for putting up with our wretched post-band practice odor, Seth Engel for assisting Ian with vocal recording and pushing him to unleash his inner boss, Daniel Ott, Richard Gin, and David Gregory for letting us borrow their equipment for this project, Daniel Muller and Carl Saff for preventing this album from being completely unlistenable, everyone who put up with having an iPhone or Zoom recorder shoved into their face for the found sounds, everyone who bought, stole, or otherwise consumed our previous albums, everyone who bugged us about the progress of this album, you’re all great. If we have forgotten to mention your name, we deeply apologize, and will thank you face to face soon enough.


released November 27, 2012

All lyrics by Ian Cory
Vocals recorded with Seth Engel at Close Quarters
Additional Guitar recorded by Seth Engel and Adam Salsberg at Space Jam
Everything else recorded by Lamniformes at SAD FOR YOU studios
Mixed by Daniel Muller of Twin Raven Productions (
Mastered by Carl Saff
Album Art by William Gadol



all rights reserved


Lamniformes Chicago, Illinois

Pronounced "Lam-neh-forms".

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Track Name: Court Is In Session
Sworn in, sold out, sucked dry
Fucked up, broken down, and left to die
So help me god I am condemned to speak only truth
No matter how much it kills me
I’ll write the Dead Sea scrolls with the ink of my own blood
And eviscerate the parts of me that I pretend to love
From this point forward there’s no use in regrets
Because looking back would only snap my neck
Track Name: Hanging Judge
Bastards with broken castles
Spend their whole lives
Fighting for nothing
That they were not born with
We all need a stone to carry
We all need a war to lose
Gorging their manic egos
On fantasies
Bloated and swollen
Smugness and self-pity
Visual Vultures gnawing on their own bones
Sad sack jesters dance for an empty throne
Blinded witness begging for mercy
Hanging judges bloodthirsty jury
We all need a stone to carry
So who’s to say that their burden is harder to bear?
Track Name: Blood Ash Shattered Glass
You swear to me that you can feel it
That it’s right under the surface
You’re going to have to show me
Because I can’t see it
Blood on my hands and glass in yours
We spit out ash instead of words
Stumbling down the stairs
Do you want me to love you?
Or do you want my respect?
Even though I have seen you
Pull puppet strings until you broke their necks
Whispering “Who do you love?”
You say that you are damaged
And you need me to be the gauze
You want to tear me open
And dig until you find the cause
Of our pain
Track Name: Shark Mating Ritual
You smile nervously as I bear my teeth.
If I could pin you down onto the concrete I would.
Doesn’t this feel so unnatural to you?
The specks of blood drop on your t-shirt, so excuse me if I stare
It’s the only thing I know how to do at a time like this
For the first time in months, I think I’m in love
Track Name: Half Dissolved
Every morning I vomit my dreams onto the bathroom floor
They emerge half formed and half dissolved
I see myself in every stain
I wipe it away until not a drop remains
In their wake is a vision
A forewarning of how this will end
Wrapping my icy fingers
Around the throats of my friends
Pounding away at flesh until nothing is left
Track Name: ...And Tribulations
These calloused hands and broken bones
They cannot bear the weight you hold
The road you walked through certain death
Through constant shadow with bated breath
The walls you built to keep me safe
I tore them down for my escape
Don’t talk to me about sacrifice
I’ve traded in my future for this
Don’t talk to me about perseverance
I’ve tied myself to a sinking ship
I’ve run away from certainty
From the clear weather you’d given me
Nine grinning vultures circle above me
They watch my every move they lick their bloody lips
While I climb to the precipice they wait for me to slip
Though surely this is suicide I have no hesitation
Through fire I shall march this is my tribulation
There is no plan B. There is no escape.
Track Name: ...And Errors
All of my heroes have cigarettes for hands
Light the incense in the valley of the damned
I slither and slide through halls of stone
While you sleep with him I’ll dine alone
On poison and glass till my stomach is filled
And all of the virtues I once had are killed
Just what have I become?
Acid drips from the tip of my tongue
Bring your holy lance to impale me
A living error I shall forever be
I grasp and claw for the moon up above
I’ll learn to hate all that which you love
I’ll tear off the skin in which I hide
So you can see how damaged I am inside
Track Name: Grey Skies Over Red Hook
And I never saw her again
Lost in a world with no light
I wander through abandoned streets
In the shadows of her bones
Halcyon has burnt down
The city is nothing but memories now
I ride the trains that pierce through her skin
In search of an exit from the limbo I am in
Crawling deep into each other’s wounds
One last embrace her arms are my tomb
Her whispers echo through the empty alleyways
I am nothing but a ghost haunting her flattened veins
The scaffolding breaks, the wires snap, an angel falls to the earth
Grey skies hang over Red Hook, but nothing stops her thirst
I can see her skull under every face
Inside each reflection I can feel her burning gaze
The scaffolding breaks
The wires snap
An angel falls to the earth
Track Name: Anti-At Field
Product of my despair
Vessel of my hope
Red-eyed girl falls apart at the seams
Smiling as she crumbles
Wrapped in bandages
Gripping broken glass
“If I die tonight
I’ll just be replaced”
Red-haired boy with his jaw bolted shut
As if it’ll hold him together
Clinging desperately
To every word of praise
“I won’t run away
If you don’t abandon me”
We are sliding towards the center
Slipping away
Track Name: Ghosts In The Alleyways
Something about the way
The setting sun hits the face
Of the glass and steel of the skyline
Cripples me, holds me down
Shivers straight to the spine
Shockwaves down to the root of it all
Ghosts in the alleyways
I wonder when they will fade
Statues frozen in gold
Stained windows to the soul
Brownstone corridors
Yellow lamps and corner stores
There’s no place in this borough safe for me to hide
Behind each door are memories
Entire world’s I’ll never see
Just remnants of that naïve light
I can feel it going, their grip is giving out
The street names shift around me and monuments tumble down
I wish I could take back every stupid thing I’ve said
I wish some twisted angel would push me off the edge
But madness wouldn’t bring back all the things I’ve left behind
Or give me the motivation to lift my nose up from the grind
So the best that I can do, as I drown in LCL
Is promise the ghost of summers past to make a heaven of this hell
Track Name: The Verdict
I’d carve my name into space
If that would wipe away all my mistakes
I will never be in perfect health
But I am sick of being sick of myself
I’ve broken bones and I’ve broken vows
My apologies won’t save me now
The execution guns are drawn
When the rope is cut I’ll still hang on
Blood on my hands, the verdict in yours
I put my trust in the justice of this court
Guilty as charged
Track Name: Fly On The Fourth Wall
16 million eyes trained on the stage
In the cover of darkness we hide from their gaze
Naked to the world until the curtain falls
The spotlight searches out and highlights all our flaws
Blissfully aware that they are being watched
The actors ignore me without a passing thought
I am the watcher on the moon I am the fly on the wall
You will forget by the morning but I will remember it all
Where I come from, sleep does not exist
We never close eyes unless we’re stabbed or we’re kissed
The sun starts to rise just as my mind starts to rest
While my friends take more shots than a bullet proof vest
We drift from house to house but I am still out of place
Not one word in edge wise, not a runner in this race
My tongue is tied my lips are sealed
No matter what happens I cannot interfere
And so it’s come to this, all the lines are crossed
The witnesses and evidence are evidently merciless
The prosecution rests on a bed of half used cigarettes
A few still lit are burning holes in the shape of holy triangles
Now you find yourself in a soothing embrace
“This girl looks so familiar, but her name I can’t quite place”
She whispers in your ear, the sweetest melody
“This is how your record ends, Instrumentality”
Track Name: Conclusively, I Rejected Instrumentality And All Was Well
Would I rather be alone in Prospect Park or on loan to the Southern Loop?
To me it’s not that simple, but it’s all the same to you
Cause whether this train is elevated or six feet underground
We’ll ride these tracks all the way back to the home we never found
So what’s one more sleepless summer night in the grand scheme of things?
I’ve got plenty of time in the winter to sleep until the spring
But no matter what they tell you kid, it’s no fun waking up
In world where all the magic is dead and the governments corrupt
When the wind picks up and carries me right out of Chicago
I’ll crawl on hands and knees to the only borough I know
Where I can close my eyes and hide my head from instrumentality
Before working for another paycheck from the N.E.R.V.
I reject every label you’ve grafted to my skin
But I know I'm not one in a million
I accept that this fight is one that I won’t win
But god damn it some one has to be the villain
Maybe someday I will decide between State Street and 7th ave
Instead of splitting down the middle what little time we have
So take your clocks and set them back 10 years in the past
Cause all the fun we’re having now, you know that it won’t last
The backyard buzz and basement binges, the fire escapes and burning bridges
The end of the world can’t take that away from me
I reject the idea that I cannot be myself
Cause I’m nothing if I’m not determined
I accept that I will always be second best
And no matter what I do I am vermin
I promise that I won’t run away
No matter how bad things get
I’ve made my mistakes and I’m done for the day
And who gives a fuck about regret?